AspenRidge North Staff

AspenRidge North consists of a professional, experienced staff that can help you overcome addiction.

Photo of Jeff Burt

Jeff Burt, LPC, LAC

Clinical Director

Phone: (303) 955 5599

Jeff holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with specialized training in Adlerian Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Medication-Assisted Treatments, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Trauma- Focused CBT. He has been passionately serving diverse populations of people struggling with addiction and mental health issues for over 14 years. He is very active in the recovery community and is a strong advocate for mental health services. He has long term experience as a clinician and a manager in a variety of treatment settings, including Adult Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Therapeutic Communities, and Sober Living homes. His work experiences include Hazelden-Chicago, University of Colorado, and Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health.

Photo of Andrew Tomey

Andrew Tomey

Client Services Liaison

Phone: (877) 212-1238

Andrew is in long-term recovery after getting sober in an extended care treatment program several years ago. After finding relief in the work he put into himself while in treatment, he decided to help others find the same hope and serenity that he did. After working for some time in client housing as a Support Staff member he was promoted to Assistant Medical Coordinator. Helping others being his passion, Andrew decided that he could make more of a difference working in client housing and moved to Fort Collins to become the Client Services Liaison at AspenRidge North. The changes Andrew has made over his years of recovery and work in the treatment field have made this not just a job, but a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing the same lows that addiction brought him to.

Photo of Ethan Castro

Ethan Castro, MBA, JD

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (303) 955-5599

Ethan is an organizational leader with 15 years of experience growing service organizations in technology, education and healthcare. He has worked as an educator, strategy consultant and executive with organizations that include Monitor Group, Teach For America and Citibank. His passion for the helping professions has now lead him to the AspenRidge Recovery programs, where he oversees the organization in many capacities.

Ethan holds an MA in Education, an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a JD from Northwestern School of Law.

Photo of Cortland Mathers-Suter

Cortland Mathers-Suter, MSSA

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: (303) 955-5599

Cortland has held many positions in the treatment field from house manager to clinician to administrator. His academic background is in both education and social work, which allows him to bring a unique set of skills to this position. He currently holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University. Cortland uses his own addiction recovery coupled with his educational and professional experience to help clients succeed. Similarly Cortland uses this skill-set to create lasting connections with local agencies, ensuring that clients receive a high level of continuity in their care over the course of their treatment.

Photo of Nikki Summers

Nikki Summers, LCSW. CACII

Lead Clinician

Nikki received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin in 1995. Her excitement to pursue her career in social work led her to graduate school immediately following her undergraduate degree. She completed her Master of Science in Social Work in 1996. She has continued to maintain her passion working in the field for 20 years. Nikki specializes in treating trauma, mood disorders, and addictions. She has 15 years of experience working with children and families in an inpatient and outpatient setting, seven of those years she also worked in private practice, providing treatment for children, adolescents, teens, adults, couples and families. She has facilitated various types of group therapy during her years of practice, including psychoeducational and process groups. In her practice, she incorporates somatic experiencing, mindfulness, guided meditation, trauma-focused therapy, and the Satir and Gestalt models, in addition to other various modalities. She is currently working toward becoming a Certified Addictions Counselor II. Her primary goal is to assist individuals in gaining a well-rounded sense of self-worth and love and compassion for themselves.

Photo of Whitney Walkenhorst

Whitney Walkenhorst, LCSW, LAC.

Primary Therapist

Whitney received her Bachelor of Science in Social work from Colorado State University in May 2013. Knowing she wanted to become an addictions therapist, she immediately began working towards her Master’s Degree in an accelerated program. She received her Master of Social work in May 2014. During her schooling, she began working towards gaining her Certified Additions Counselor II and obtained her certification in February 2016. Whitney began her career working with adults with developmental disabilities and quickly became interested in the mental health profession. She found her passion working with clients in the criminal justice system, who were struggling with both mental health and substance abuse issues. She specializes in working with adults with trauma, mindfulness-based interventions and client-centered approaches. She is a Fort Collins native and is thankful for the opportunity to serve her community.

Photo of Karli Jo Lamb

Karli Jo Lamb, MA, LPCC. CACII

Primary Therapist

Karli received her Bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Studies which ignited her passion for helping people and families. She received a Masters in Counseling at Colorado Christian University and is currently on the pathway for clinical licensure. Karli has experience working with individuals and families in traditional outpatient and inpatient programs as well as in home addiction treatment services. Karli promotes an integrative approach to therapy combining attachment, interpersonal, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral modalities to promote whole-person recovery and wellness. Karli is currently in process of becoming CAC II certified.

Keith Colton

Keith Colton, LCSW

Primary Therapist

Keith has been in the social work field for 20 years. His diversity of research based and practical experience lends to expertise in helping improve the human experience on the individual, family and community levels. Having worked with youth and families, in crisis work, homelessness, natural disasters, psychiatric/medical detox care, as well as traditional mental health and addictions therapy, with people of all ages and backgrounds, Keith has been on the ground experiencing life through the eyes of those who he has assisted for his entire career. Principle areas of practice have been trauma integrated care, addictions, severe and persistent mental illness, and community improvement. With a focus on experiential therapy, CBT, DBT, relapse prevention, mindfulness and holistic healing, Keith brings passion, fun and wisdom to the table in practice. Everyone has inherent worth and everyone is capable of change.

Photo of Carli Torr

Carli Torr, MA, LPCC, BCN

Neurofeedback Specialist And Counselor

Carli Torr holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in the state of Colorado and a registered National Certified Counselor. Her clinical experience spans from relational issues, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, and concussion recovery.

Carli is Board Certified in Neurofeedback and conducts brain mapping and neuro-conditioning identifying areas of the brain that need strengthening and developing protocols that lead to self regulation and freedom from feeling “stuck”. She believes that no one should have to go through the trials of this life alone and is passionate about helping people of all ages and demographics through their healing journey.

Photo of Stepheny Chapple

Stepheny Chapple, BA, MSCJ, NLC

Stepheny is a registered psychotherapist who holds a bachelors degree in criminology and psychology and a masters degree in criminal justice and legal administration from Colorado State University. She is currently pursuing a second masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and CAC certification. She has worked in crisis invention services with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as in inpatient psychiatric care working with individuals with dual diagnosis of substance abuse disorders and depression. Addionally, she has worked in medically assisted treatment, providing counseling services to those in opiate addictions recovery. She specializes in trauma informed treatment, and cognitive behavior therapy. She remains active in community victims services advocacy in Larimer county serving as a volunteer on the national rape crisis hotline as well as an application processor for Colorado’s Address Confidentiality Assistance program.

Photo of Beth Gherardi

Beth Gherardi

Beth’s passion and life work the past 25 years has been about supporting others towards greater potential and wellness. She has worked in a variety of settings as an Expressive Arts and/or Yoga Therapist/Teacher including: Cancer Care, Hospice, Senior Care, Medical Fitness, Schools, Museums and Yoga Studios. She is committed to community service and is an advocate for self-empowerment, personal awareness and life skills to enhance well-being.

Beth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapies. She also completed a 2 yr. Integral Yoga Therapy certification program (with internship) and has also earned a ertification in Level 1 Tai Chi for Health.

When not teaching or practicing Yoga or Tai Chi, Beth is outdoors with her family biking, hiking or kayaking. She loves the quiet of a Colorado snow storm to catch up on reading or to bake cookies with her now teenage kids.

Photo of Sheila Ash

Sheila Ash

Sheila Ash is an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse with a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Northern Colorado. She has been working in Mental Health and addictions treatment in Northern Colorado since the mid 90’s.

Sheila and her Husband Brad Barker became certified in Eagala in 2014 knowing they were going to share their ranch, their horses and their love with others. Brought together through their Christian faith, Sheila and Brad both know what it is like to struggle and they also know what it is like to be blessed, healed and loved. Brad continues building beautiful safe places and Sheila, together with Staff, continues creating programs and holding the safe places to heal.

Photo of Pia Jansen

Pia Jansen

Pia Jansen is an internationally renowned psycho therapist with an emphasis on Experiential Healing and Learning. After receiving her Master's in Child and Family Therapy from the University of Amsterdam in 1987, she traveled the world for 8 years providing and teaching Wilderness therapy.

After her arrival in the USA she became counselor and activist for victims of domestic violence and refugees from warn torn countries. Her advocacy resulted in numerous international publications on the correlation between human violence and animal cruelty. In 2010 she made the leap from being a more traditional therapist to equine assisted therapy and became an advanced clinician as well as mentor for EAGALA. She is honored to work with her "Unbrilded" herd of 6 horses and 2 miniature donkeys every day; providing healing for children, adults, couples and families.

Photo of Janada Halbisen-Gibbs

Janada Halbisen-Gibbs

Janada Halbisen-Gibbs is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist and co-founder of Triple T Haven. She is committed to holding safe space for trauma survivors to find their own healing with horses. Janada felt a profound connection with horses from early childhood and could always be found in the middle of the herd. She has followed her passion by volunteering at Equine Rescues and Sanctuaries all over the United States. Along the way, Janada explored various modalities to support horses’ physical and emotional health. She has studied with Kathy Malone of Blue Gate Horse in Glacial Horsemanship, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, The Masterson Method and, of course, with the greatest teachers of them all, the horses themselves. It was through this journey that Janada was led to Equine Assisted Therapy and EAGALA. She resonates with the powerful practice of holding space and client-led experiential therapy. “Be where you are, the horses will meet you there”.

Janada is a passionate advocate and facilitator for healing trauma and resilience practices. She is an avid explorer of therapeutic modalities and how to support them in partnership with horses. In addition to her EAGALA certification, Janada attended The Academy for Coaching with Horses. In 2014, she created and co-facilitated a retreat for therapists to explore compassion fatigue resilience practices with horses, mindfulness meditation and nature immersion.

Julia Miguel

Julia Miguel

Music Therapist

Julia Miguel is the co-founder of Therapeutic Melodies Music Therapy Services, LLC. She completed her undergraduate work in music therapy at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. She finished her internship at NeuroRhythm in Colorado Springs and afterwards received her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy degree. After she received her degree she passed the national board certification exam. She has experience with multiple populations and diagnoses. These include children with a wide range of developmental disabilities in a clinical, school, and caretaking setting, older adults in a nursing home, and children in a school and clinical setting who have experienced trauma.

Julia loves serving and helping others. Her main instrument is her voice; she has sung in choirs for 20 years, participated in multiple musicals, operas, and competitions, and received private voice lessons for 10 years. She has also played the guitar for 8 years, the piano for a total of 13 years, and the autoharp for 7 years. Julia plans to further her training by attending the Neurologic Music Therapy Institute. Julia began working at Aspen Ridge North in March of 2018 and works with the group of clients to grow their social skills, their emotional processing skills, and to improve their quality of life. She is fully dedicated to her clients and seeks to help them reach their full potential through the vessel of music.

Photo of Donna Segrin

Donna Segrin

Director of Admissions

Phone: (877) 736-9727

Donna Segrin began working in the addiction and recovery field in 2013 after learning how to maintain sobriety herself. Before she began working with AspenRidge Recovery in 2015, she worked on the front lines at multiple treatment facilities with women in early recovery providing crisis management and real time support and guidance. Donna developed a passion for addiction and mental health treatment after seeing the growth that could be accomplished in just a few months. Today, Donna works to be a resource in the addictions community helping to guide those struggling with addiction into treatment centers that can meet their individual needs.

Photo of Emily Byrne

Emily Byrne

Billing Director

Phone: (303) 955-5599

Emily began working in substance abuse treatment in 2012. Driven by her personal experience in addiction recovery, she strives to help others through the process. Emily was a vital member of the housing team for a halfway house in Prescott, AZ. She later worked as an administrative assistant where she became skilled in billing, human resource essentials, policies and procedures, and state licensing. Emily brings a multitude of skills to the AspenRidge Recovery team and ensures seamless communication between all departments.