How Does Aspen Ridge Handle Detoxification From Drugs and Alcohol?

While AspenRidge North is not equipped to handle medical detox on site, we are proud to work with and refer out to some of the best detox clinics in the state of Colorado, and we seamlessly incorporate their treatment as part of our overall rehab program.

But detox is a very big, very important decision to make. We encourage you to gather information on what detox is, and what it's like in your area. We've compiled some of that information on detox in Fort Collins, and in the state of Colorado in general, but here's a short primer of things to know.

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About Drug and Alcohol Detox

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug detox refers to the method of removing substances from your body while managing withdrawal symptoms.

It is often the most difficult and physically demanding part of rehab.

Some drug and alcohol detox clinics utilize a medical approach to drug detox. This involves administering medication that causes the brain and the body not to experience withdrawal symptoms when the substances are stopped. In a lot of cases, this is a heavily-medicated approach that involves stacking several different medications to treat withdrawal symptoms, and then side effects of the treatment drugs, and then their side effects, and so on.

While this might seem like the best approach, it often causes even more problems for patients in the long term because the medications that are generally used for detoxification carry their own withdrawal risks when they are stopped.

In effect, it often doesn't treat the addiction itself, it just gives the body a new set of substances to crave.

For that reason, holistic detoxification has become more popular, and this method of alcohol and drug detox utilizes diet and physical fitness as the bulk of the program. These methods focus on the body's core needs as a way to kick-start its natural healing ability.

Addiction and malnutrition tend to go hand-in-hand, and restoring the body's health from an addicted state has more to it than just stopping the stream of drugs. These holistic programs tend to focus on kicking off your rehab treatment by putting you back on a healthy track.

Why is Detox Important to My Rehab Treatment?

Honestly, it depends on how deep your addiction is. Maybe it isn't. Detox is about dealing with the intense physical withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting substance abuse. Not all addictive substances have those symptoms on the same level. Believe it or not, withdrawals from heavy, chronic alcohol use can actually have some of the most dangerous, potentially fatal, physical withdrawal effects. Whether detox is necessary depends on the substance you're using, and the depth of your addiction.

Because of the potentially dangerous side withdrawal effects, many experts believe that detox may just be the single most important decision you could make when you come to terms with the fact that you need help for your addiction.

See, it's called detox for a reason - drugs and alcohol are toxic substances. That's why they can kill in large enough quantities. They enter the body and elicit responses that demand more - and then physically punish you for ignoring those impulses.

Detox is about ridding you of these chemically-induced impulses. This initial period of withdrawal symptoms can be potentially dangerous without proper medical attention, so detox is about making sure you have proper medical attention during this dangerous period, while also minimizing the discomfort you feel in the process.

It's normal for you to have a lot of questions; particularly if you've never gotten alcohol and drug detox help before. If you're not sure if you need detox, talk to us. We're here to listen, help, and figure out a treatment plan that will get your life back on track as quickly and easily as possible. You can also get more information about detox treatment in the Fort Collins area.


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